These animals are breathtakingly beautiful now as a result of the care they received at ERAF.   But,
it is not the way they arrived.

ERAF does its magic and the best thing of all happens, a rescue is  TWO rescues are ADOPTED!!!

July 24, 2014 TESSY has found her new forever home and leaves ERAF for her new adventures.

July 27, 2014 our beautiful Tinkerbell has also been found by her new home.  The incredible saga of Morning Star, Joshua and Tinkerbell that began with a Baby Naming Contest has reached its wonderful finale.


That is what ERAF does

Welcome to our website

The Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation (ERAF) is a not-for profit 501(c) 3 tax Exempt Corporation devoted to the rescue,retraining and rehabilitation of abused, abandoned and neglected horses in South Florida and the Treasure Coast. We work closely with Sheriff’s Departments and Animal Care and Control Departments to identify these animals and remove them from dangerous and potentially lethal environments.  Our dedicated professional providers, supporters and volunteers work diligently to rehabilitate and care for these magnificent animals to bring them to a healthy and socialized state. 

Since its inception in 2000, ERAF has been totally dependent on donations, grants, wills and bequests to support our programs and services.  ERAF has received multiple awards, citations and grants from organizations familiar with our outstanding work and are eager to show their support.  These companies and organizations include, The Knopf Foundation, Palm City Chamber of Commerce,  Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, The ASPCA, Petco, The Board of Martin County Commissioners and The Home Depot of Stuart to name just a few. Please take a moment to view our complete list of supporters here.

 100% of all contributions are used to fund the foundation’s mission.   To date, ERAF has rescued over 110 horses and completed over 100 successful adoptions while keeping to their core objective:

ERAF’s mission is to find a fully qualified forever home 

for each equine that successfully completes our rehabilitation program 

and to provide a loving, healthy and comfortable home for those that cannot.  

Thank you for your donation


Saturday August 2

  • Orientation at 9:30 am for new volunteers.  Please bring your completed Volunteer Application (see link below).  Let your fun begin...

  • Lunch and Learn from 11 am to 1 pm with Dr James speaking on Equine First Aid.

We will be sending an email reminder 7-24-14,  If you do not receive it, please submit a new email registration so we can get you back on the email list.

Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation (ERAF)  

 6400 SW Martin Highway, Palm City, FL 33490             PO Box 1199, Palm City, FL  34991                  (772)  220-0150   

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8-1-14 Updated Supporter page
7-29-14 Tinkerbell adoption photos
7-24-14 New Diva, Emmy and Joey training photos, Tessy's adoption, Orientation and Lunch and Learn announcement
7-19-14 New training photos, added Volunteer application to FYI, How Can I Help pages, added contact information for Sheriff's Department and Animal Control to FYI page, added Google Site Search to help you find things here, new pictures of Flash and Annie
7-14-14 New photos in the slideshows for Logan, Tessy and Emerald.  New training photos of Rupert